The Zebra Finch Aboriginal Men’s Shed is a social gathering with a focus on cultural art and craft, artefact making, training and mentoring.


The men play an important part in the community through passing down skills to the younger generation, maintaining culture and sharing a sense of reconciliation with the broader community. Emphasis is placed on mentoring young people to strengthen cultural identity and awareness in both the schools and the community. Fees are charged for this service.  

Read our brochure for all the details about our meetings, including eligibility and referrals.

Younger men with a disability may be eligible to join this group under the NDIS.

Authentic cultural artefacts

Cultural artefacts are made by hand and are available for purchase. The Zebra Finch Aboriginal Men’s Group is happy to take orders.

Further information

Email the Zebra Finch Aboriginal Men's Shed, or call on 08 8449 7367.