Our Women’s Health and Wellbeing program provides wellness and enablement activities for Aboriginal Elders throughout the western and north-western region of Adelaide.


Members over 60 years of age are members of the Council of Aboriginal Elders of South Australia

Our activities include:

·   Arts and crafts                          ·    Guest speakers
·   Day trips and outings                 ·    Luncheons
·   Retreats (subject to funding)      ·    Karaoke
·   BBQs                                         ·    Sewing
·   Creating healing products          ·    Intergenerational cultural sharing

We create a welcoming space for younger people to learn from us about cultural ways and sustainability.

In the future, younger Aboriginal people with a disability may join the group (referrals must come through NDIS).

Read our brochure for meeting details, including assessment, eligibility and referrals.

Further information and referrals

Email the Aged and Disability Services Manager or call on 08 8449 7367.

Bookings are essential.