Niina marni
Hello, how are you?

About Kura Yerlo

Kura Yerlo Incorporated is a leading not for profit Aboriginal owned and controlled community organisation.

We’re working towards achieving our vision of ‘walking together for a strong culture and a sustainable future’. To do this, we put culture at the heart of everything we do.

There are so many ways to get involved with our vibrant community. Explore our website, get involved with our programs, and join us in keeping our culture and our people strong.


We are governed by a board of knowledgeable and skilled community members, who each make a valuable contribution to our strategic directions and organisation.

Co Chairpersons: Rodney O’Brien & Marissa Williams
Treasurer: Jasmine Tonkin
Secretary: Debra Francis (Buckskin)
Public Officer: Greg Hughes

Board Members:
Annette Grote
Sister Kenise Neill
Amber O’loughlin